30.03.20 - Important Update Including Specific Information Regarding Expiring Service Activated Roadside Assistance


I hope everyone is keeping as well as can be during this time of uncertainty. 

Currently we remain closed for all aspects of business. Some may be wondering why this is the case when others remain open.  Believe me when I say this is a constant dilemma for us assessing the balance between the safety of our Staff, Customers and Local Community and providing the service levels we constantly strive for.  At the moment with the information received that the next week is a crucial one in terms of  protecting the resources available to the NHS, we feel that by opening in whatever way and taking whatever precautions available to us we would still potentially be adding to the spread and therefore increasing the burden.

The decision to close was to completely stop the flow of people coming to the site and therefore preventing us from contributing to the spread of this virus. As this situation endures and evolves we are constantly taking on board all available information to us and thinking of ways we can return to provide a safe service level ASAP. There are too many factors to list that are influencing this decision but please be assured that paramount in any decision is the safety of our Customers, Staff and Local Community. We will keep you updated if this changes.

We do have some good news regarding the SERVICE ACTIVATED ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE

This has been extended for the period of FOUR WEEKS for vehicles expiring during the effective ‘lock down’ period of 20th March to 20th April and is to be constantly assessed moving forwards. Anyone with these normal Service/MOT dates within this window now has no need to worry regarding these two aspects.

Also regarding questions we have received on FORD WARRANTY, the need to have your vehicle serviced within 1 Month of its due date has temporarily been suspended. The need to service vehicles within 1000 miles of their maximum distance between services remains. We hope this is not affecting too many of our customers as we are in the main not driving as far. 

If anybody has any further questions regarding the information provided here or anything else that I have not covered here please could you send them to matthew.winward@cliffdickenson.co.uk


All at Cliff Dickenson & Son