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Ford Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

The Ford Hybrid & Electric range

At Cliff Dickenson & Son, we’re committed to offering as many different driving alternatives to our customers as possible and that includes a full range of electric and hybrid vehicles. With huge investment in new electric and hybrid cars, Ford is well on its way to helping to create a cleaner, brighter, well-driven future.

Over the next few years, we’ll see as many as 40 new Ford electrified vehicles introduced to the market. From Mild Hybrids (mHEVs) and Hybrids (FEVs) to Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) and full electric cars (BEVs); city cars and hatchbacks to SUVs and vans. But how do you know which Ford electric vehicle will suit your lifestyle?

What are the benefits?

  • ✓ Easy driving experience
  • ✓ Save on Road Tax
  • ✓ Better for the environment
  • ✓ Save on fuel
  • ✓ Smooth, quiet ride
  • ✓ Free parking in many areas
  • ✓ Easy charging at more than 15,000 points, or from the comfort of your own home

What is a Hybrid & Electric car?

Which is the right Ford Hybrid Vehicle or Electric Vehicle for me?

There’s a lot of information about electric vehicles out there. And trying to choose a vehicle to fit your lifestyle isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve put together all the facts you need to help you choose the car that’s right for you.

Cars with some form of electric power are often cheaper to run than a conventionally fuelled car as well as having lower carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions.

The right Ford Hybrid or Electric vehicle for you will depend on the number of miles you travel and your access to charging stations or power outlets. The following information may help when you are making your choice:

What's the difference?

Electric cars come in various types for different usage scenarios, like short local trips or a long daily commute. Once you understand what makes them different, it’s easier to see which vehicle would fit your lifestyle best.

Charging the Battery

Plug-In Charging Options

Electric Range

Electric car range

Mild Hybrid

Mild Hybrid vehicles have two sources of power that work together – a conventional engine and a battery driven electric motor. The electric motor does not power the car. It simply assists it.


A Hybrid is capable of driving short distances on electric power alone.

Plug-In Hybrid

When fully charged, Plug-in Hybrids can operate on electric power for journeys of approximately 30 miles. Once the battery runs out of charge, the vehicle will behave like a hybrid with the conventional engine running when necessary.

All Electric

The range on a fully charged All-Electric vehicle varies from 100 miles on older models to approximately 300 miles on newer models.

The Hybrid & Electric Range

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